APCM November 2020

Our APCM has been very much delayed this year.  One guess why!

Due to the lock-down in March, our Annual Parochial Church Meeting and the preceeding AMP (Annual Meeting of Parishioners) has been delayed.

We are still unable to hold a traditional face-to-face meeting so this is to take place on Wednesday 11th November at 7.30pm.  This will be attended in person, largely, by a few people – mainly parish officials – and all other parishioners are encouraged to attend on the Zoom platform.  Contact us here to obtain the meeting details and password.

The Annual Report and Accounts have been published.  There are a few printed copies available in the three churches – and they are available here online.

If you wish to attend in person, then please  contact us here to find out how to access the meeting room which will be in Kildwick Primary School because the church has no facilities for streaming to meeting.

There are two separate meetings: all those who live within the parish boundary (as well as those on our own Electoral Roll) are entitled to attend and vote at the Annual Meeting of Parishioners (APM).  This meeting elects the church wardens.

The APCM is a meeting for those on the ecclesiastical parish Electoral Roll and only those may speak or vote.

The Agendas are here:

Agenda for the Annual Meeting of Parishioners, to be held at 7.30pm
on Wednesday 11th November 2020

  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Attendance and Apologies for absence
  3. To elect four representatives of the parishioners as Churchwardens
  4. Close of meeting

Agenda for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, to be held on Wednesday 11th November, immediately after the Annual Parish Meeting.

  1. To receive a report on the revision of the Church Electoral Roll
  2. To receive the Annual Report on the proceedings of the Parish Church Council for the year to date
  3. To receive the Financial Statements of the PCC for the three churches for 2019
  4. To receive a report on the fabric, goods and ornaments of the churches
  5. To receive a report on the proceedings of the South Craven and Wharfedale Deanery Synod
  6. To elect three representatives of the laity to the South Craven and Wharfedale             Deanery Synod to serve until 31st May 2023
  7. To appoint an independent examiner to the PCC until the Annual Parochial Church Meeting in 2021
  8. Vicar’s remarks
  9. Questions and discussion on matters of parochial or general church interest

(If anyone wishes to raise a matter of any substance, please inform the Vicar, Church Wardens or PCC Secretary at least 24 hours beforehand.)