Magazine out!

The Pinnacle by Philip PriestlyThe February magazine is now ready.  The front cover features a particularly fine image of the Pinnacle by Philip Priestley and inside you’ll find everything from geese to penguins; and from 1918 to 2021!

Read this magazine on the old Kildwick website at

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Locked down again

Following the announcement of a further period of national lockdown, with heavy hearts, we have decided that it is right to suspend public worship in our church buildings for now. We expect to review this decision in 6 weeks’ time.

For now, Sunday worship will continue via Zoom at 10am, and via the KCB Parish Facebook page for Evening Prayer at 4pm. Additionally, Morning and Evening Prayer will continue via Facebook  on Mondays to Thursdays at 9am and 4.30pm.

For details of how to access the Zoom services, please contact Julie Bacon

Please do your bit to help suppress the spread of the virus by staying at home and minimizing your physical social interactions. But do keep in touch with each other, and with friends and neighbours!
A phone call, text or e-mail can really help us to stay connected with each other.

And if you need clergy support, don’t hesitate to contact Julie Bacon.  She will always be happy to have a chat and to pray with you.

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Have you done the Carol Hunt yet?

keen carollersWe’ve already heard of one family who have – and they sang all the carols with (mostly) the right words!  This was in Kildwick and Farnhill, but there’s another in Bradley and one in Cononley.

If you’re looking for a walk with the children this holiday, why not pick up a leaflet from the church porch and try it! For Cononley or Bradley, go to the village shop.

Happy carolling!

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Zooming in for Christmas

TChristmas Carolshere are two open Zoom services coming up!

The first is our Carol Service which takes place on 20th December at 5.00pm.



The second one is a late-night “watch” into the beginning of Christmas.  Join us
at  11.30pm on Christmas Eve for

“This Holy Night”



You’ll need the code to get in.  Send a message to Julie Bacon to request the code.  Be sure that you say which event you want the code for!!

The service booklets are available here:
KCB@Home Zoom Carol Service 20th Dec 20
KCB@Home ‘This Holy Night’ 11.30pm Christmas Eve 2020

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Got your walking boots on?

Carol Board 1We are getting close to launching the KCB Cristmas Carol Hunt!

From Saturday 12th December or Sunday 13th in Bradley you’ll be able to walk around your village (Kildwick/Farnhill, Cononley and Bradley), hunting down a set of carol boards.

They all have a bit of the Christmas story – and a YouTube carol to download and sing along!

Information is here…

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Witch Hunting in Kildwick

Don’t worry – this isn’t a modern witch hunt!

WitchcraftA conversation on Facebook (on the Glusburn and Crosshills Chit Chat page) has led me to a book, published in 1676 and called, “The Displaying of Supposed Witchcraft
Wherein it is affirmed that there are many sorts of Deceivers and Imposters”
They went for really snappy titles in those days.

This comes as a sort of postscript to the famous Pendle Witches trials of 1612.  On page 276, in which John Webster, a “Practicioner in Physick” (and also a priest, I assume, as he tells of being the Curate at Kildwick) tells of an event that finally reached London and “his Majesty and the Council”.

The full account runs to two pages (full of those funny ‘f’s that are really ‘s’) and you can download the original here or a transcript here.  The transcript is an easier read – I think it’s fairly accurate!

The story is of a boy, around 10 or 11 years old, who was being toted around churches with his supposed ability to spot witches.  He rolled up to Kildwick where John Webster was preaching – and was clearly suspicious.  He was not allowed to interview the boy.  The case was brought to the Lancaster Assizes and seventeen people were found guilty.  The judge, however, was unconvinced and they were then reprieved.

The judge brought the whole matter to the King and Council and the Bishop of Chester was brought in.  Four of them were sent up to London – where no cause for guilt was found.

Focus moved to the boy and his father.  It was established that the lad was off, scrumping plums when he was supposed to have been spotting witches.  The story does not relate what happened to the boy and his father.  Nothing good, I suspect.

Best to read it yourself, really.

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Worship Resources

Revd Julie Bacon has produced two booklets for our worship this weekend.

A “Zoom” service on 8th November

This will take place at 10.00am on Sunday and can be found here.  The meeting ID is 824 0292 2218 and the passcode is 484689

If you wish, you can join in by phone.  Simply dial 0131 460 1196 (it’s an Edinburgh number and it probably comes within your “free” provision on your phone bill).  You will be prompted for the meeting ID and passcode (as above).  If asked for a participant ID, just press the # key.

The service booklet for this service is here:  WorshipatHome for 8th November.

An Act of Remembrance

Our Act of Remembrance cannot take place this year.

If you live in Bradley, you are invited to stand at your front door at 11am when the Last Post and The Rouse are played at the Village Hall.

Wherever you live, you may be able (within government regulations) to visit your local war memorial privately at a suitable time.  You may wish just to reflect or perhaps leave a poppy.

Julie had produced a service booklet that would have been used at the Acts of Remembrance at Kildwick and Cononley.  Remembrance Booklet

The Church of England has produced a video and the liturgy for an act of Remembrance at home which you can find here

The ceremony of Remembrance from the Cenotaph in London will be broadcast on Radio 4 from 10.30am and on BBC1 from 10.15am.

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Magazine November 2020

The November Magazine is now ready!

Last month, I saved a good deal of time by simply adding a .pdf  copy of the magazine to the website, rather than reformatting each article as a web page.  I invited comments – there were no howls of protest (actually, there were no comments at all!) so I have continued with this process.  It saves about a day’s work!

The whole magazine can be downloaded here:

One of the popular pages in the magazine is the calendar of services.
This listing is available here.

If there are other parts of the magazine that you would like to see online, then please let us know.  I don’t want to remove anything unnecessarily – but it seems to be poor stewardship to spend several hours, working on pages that (in some cases) attract no readers at all.

With best wishes
Chris – Editor

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Gifts for Kenya

Gifts for KenyaThis amazing stash of beautifully sewn items has been created by Libba from St Andrew’s. It’s ready to be sent out to Kenya, where for many years Libba has supported an orphanage in a slum area of Nairobi. Libba says:

‘At the beginning it was small but has steadily grown over the years and there is a school there too, both primary and secondary. Amazingly some children get to university but often struggle between the choice to pay for books or to eat and eventually have to give up as they can’t cope with the hunger.Some do make it through however which is just fantastic. The school is also open to children within that slum area but of course they have to pay.
It is run under the umbrella of Kenya Kids in Need and the wonderful man who runs it is called Fanuel who has the deepest laugh and chuckle I have ever known…He always says that God told him that this is something he must do.’

You’re looking at: 20 quilts; 25 beanies; 8 ear warmers; and 35 hygiene packs for girls. Check out to find out more about their fantastic and underappreciated work.

Brilliant job, Libba – well done!

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The Weekly Newsletter

Julie’s weekly newsletter is available here

It contains the rota of services for September; a plea for new Team members and notice of two baptisms.

There is also news of Libba’s knitting/sewing/crochet activities during lockdown – but that’s the subject of a different post…

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