We’re a Major Church!

St Andrew's RoofIt’s official… notice came through on Thursday that St Andrew’s has been designated one of around 300 “Major Parish Churches” in the country.

The application was urged by the Mission and Pastoral folk in the Diocesan office – and they greatly helped us through the whole application process.

First question is:  “What does that mean?”

Immediately; nothing!  It doesn’t mean that St Andrew’s is suddenly greater or more special or more important than it was last week.

To become a “Major Church”, you need to be large (1,000 sq metres) and have a role to play that is not just as a meeting place for parishioners.  There are a number of other criteria and the London-based Church Buildings Council considered all that we had to offer.  St Andrew’s was deemed to fit the criteria (though it is a tad too small, they say) and was admitted to the “club”.

So why the joy?

First of all – there are grants available to Cathedrals and Major Churches that are closed to others.  There’s one such grant open now – and we are pulling out all the stops to get our bid in before Friday.  Putting together a major bid like this normally takes months,  We now have five days…  Fortunately, a great deal of the groundwork has already been done (largely by Louise) and, provided the architect comes up with the figures, we should be good to go – but it is going to be a very tight finish.

Secondly and probably more importantly, there is help and encouragement to lead us into full Major Church mode.  Some changes will be easy.  We are told, for example, that a Major Church must be open for visitors every day.  (It’s what the insurance company has been telling us for a long time!)  There are things to sort out (a bit of security organisation and a workable scheme to lock and unlock the building overnight) but we hope that will be in place soon.

We are asked to set up a CMP.  A Conservation Management Plan for the building allows everyone to agree on the values and significance of the church. It can help the success of grant applications etc. and it fits comfortably in the framework of the project that we are already planning, to agree on a plan to revitalise and preserve a much-loved building from further decay.

Thursday’s announcement offers us a really exciting opportunity to edge the door open on a new and achievable chapter in the 1,200 year story of Christianity on this site.

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Summer is i’cumin in

The Summer edition of the Pinnacle has hit the streets.

We begin with the final letter from Julie – and a thank you for her parting gifts.

There’s a thoughtful piece about open churches, reports of significant meetings and a warning of a Bellringing Bonanza on Yorkshire Day.

There are poems and a tribute to Steel Eye Span and Tales of Chuffs.  No room for quizzes, I’m afraid but we do have a brief “Castaway’s Choices”.

Download it here!

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The June magazine is now ready

This month’s  cover shows a postcard of the Pinnacle dating from the early 1900s.  It illustrates an article by Helen Moran about the building if the Pinnacle.  Amazingly it took …. but you’ll just have to read the article to discover just how long it took to build this iconic landmark!

There are lots of other articles – another well-stocked Disc Cabinet from a sandy shore (Elspeth has chosen ten!) competes for space with news of the MiniRingers, reports of our Annual Meeting and tales of when 19th century vaccination was compulsory.

As usual, you can download it from this site during June.

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Focus on War Graves

A new leaflet details the five graves at St Andrew’s which are cared for by the Commomwealth War Graves Commission.

The leaflet and accomanying poster has photographs of the headstones and their inscriptions alongside a map to help visitors find the graves.

The stories behind these memorials make a poignant glimpse into the “real life” of the first and second World Wars.  We hear of seriously ill soldiers, demobilised to die a few days later.  There is a hint of a Dad’s Army “jolly”, gone tragically wrong  – and the story of a funeral, that symbolised for many the funerals of their own sons and fathers, lost in France.

Read the leaflet here – or see the poster in the church porch.
There’s a longer version of this post here.

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Magazine May 2021

The May magazine is now ready.

This month we feature St John’s on the front cover.  Taken from a spot few churchgoers penetrate by David Clarke, it heralds a magazine with a variety of articles, from the official announcement of Julie Bacon’s new post in Sheffield to the eviction if a misbehaving gander on Woodside Lane.

There’s a fascinating choice of eight Discs from John Hudson and some keep fit from Kildwick School.

As ususal, you can download it from this site during May.  After that, you may find you need to visit the permanent archive on the old Kildwick site at kildwick.org.uk.

Magazines older than a month or two tend to get removed from this site in order to conserve space. This month (partly because the Prayer Page text spans two pages), the magazine is saved in “spreads”, so you see two open pages in one.  Please let us know of you prefer this format to the other (as you may if you print your own copy at home).

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A new post for the Revd Julie Bacon


The Bishop of Sheffield the Right Reverend Dr Pete Wilcox has invited the Reverend Julie Bacon to take up a role as Associate Archdeacon (Transition Enabler) to serve the twinned deaneries of Rotherham and Laughton in the diocese of Sheffield, and she has accepted. This is one of four similar appointments in the diocese of Sheffield which are being announced today. The four newly appointed Associate Archdeacons (Transition Enablers) will work alongside the two existing Associate Archdeacons who started work in January 2021. The post is for a period of 5 years. It is funded through strategic development funding from the Church Commissioners as part of the diocesan transformation project. A start date for Julie in this new role is yet to be determined, and the appointment is announced subject to the completion of a satisfactory DBS check.

The Archdeacon of Bradford, the Venerable Dr Andy Jolley says, “Julie is to be congratulated on her appointment to this significant post of Associate Archdeacon (Transition Enabler) in the Diocese of Sheffield.  Bishop Toby and I are most grateful to her for her faithful service as Interim Minister for Kildwick, Cononley and Bradley for the past 3 and a half years, and the part she played in overseeing the transition to a united parish.  Julie’s leaving at the end of the period of Interim Ministry as expected, and we are glad that work is ongoing with the final Interim Ministry objective of helping the PCC to articulate their parish’s new identity and consider the skills and experience we will now need to find for the future.  We will therefore be praying the parish as well as for Julie and Matt as they prepare to move to South Yorkshire.” 

Julie says, “I am excited to have been appointed to one of these innovative roles in the diocese of Sheffield, which is about helping clergy and lay people to adopt new ways of fulfilling their vocation of being the whole people of God. The Church of England is facing up to the need to do things differently, and I feel called to help and support clergy and lay people as they navigate their way through the journey of transition. This is a journey that we’ve been on together in the parish of Kildwick, Cononley and Bradley over the last three and a half years that I have served as Interim Minister here. I have been encouraged by what we have done together, and I am grateful to everyone in the churches and the wider parish who have tackled challenges and adapted to changes. I hope that this has created a solid foundation for you and your future Vicar to build on as you continue to serve the parish. I have made many friends during my time in the parish whom I will miss, and I will continue to hold you all in my heart and in my prayers.”

Julie’s leaving date will be confirmed in due course.

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Into every life…

… a little admin needs to fall.

This is the time when the KCB Churches need to revise their membership list – the Electoral Roll.  This is a list of all those who wish to have voting rights at any Parochial Church Meeting (particularly the annual APCM).

Any lay person can be on the Roll if he or she is:

Baptised, aged 16 or over and a member of the C of E (or a church that is “in communion with” the C of E) who either lives in the parish or regularly worships in the parish. *

To join the Electoral Roll, you need to fill in an application form
which can be obtained here.  The revision takes place between Monday 12th April and Monday, 3rd May.  If you’re later than that, it will be too late to take effect before our APCM which is in the diary for Tuesday 18th May.

None of that is the legal wording.  You are spared that unless you want to read the proper document.  Click on the image for a closer look.

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A magazine for Easter

The April magazine is ready…

There’s a Pastoral Letter about the container ship, “Ever Given”, owned, confusingly by the shipping company, Evergreen which was freed from the Suez banks just before publication.

In what seems to be becoming a monthly feature, we look at Quasimodo Sunday.
Do you know when it is – and why it’s called that?
(Fair bet that you may be wrong!)

We continue with our series of “Discs from a Deserted Island; this time with a bumper crop from Ian Boothman – and there’s a powerful piece from Sandie Walton about Good Friday.
Add to the mix news of an international award won by our young ones, news from our mission partners in the Philppines and in Africa and you’ll find a good eclectic mix of things.

Download your copy of the April magazine here

After the May edition is published, you’ll find it in the archive on the old Kildwick site

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Flowers for Mothering Sunday

As a part of our celebration of Mothering Sunday (14th March this year – it is fixed as the 4th Sunday in Lent) all three of our churches distributed flowers.

At St Mary’s in Bradley, a potted plant was delivered to members, while St John’s took daffodils.  St Andrew’s in Kildwick took a different approach and, following local publicity, placed bunches of daffodils in the church porch and invited all members of the community to take flowers from their Mother Church.

Based on the fact that they were all gone, well before lunch, this appears to have been a popular move!  I hope that many people were blessed.

“Mothering Sunday”, unlike the American “Mothers’ Day” which happens in May, is historically a time when people gathered at their Mother Church.  It was not an exclusive celebration of mothers.

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An Award for the MiniRingers

The Award presentation imageA great evening last night on Zoom!

It was the ART Awards Night.

The Association of Ringing Teachers awards don’t come with golden statues, but they are highly regarded in ringing circles and they do come with a certificate and a cheque!

This year, of course, it took place on Zoom (so attendance was good!) There were some remarkable nominations in a wide variety of categories – amazing people doing amazing things. The Kildwick MiniRingers were nominated in the Youth category. I’m just pleased that we didn’t have to compete with some of the others!

The Sarah Beacham Youth Award is in memory of a lass who I rang with on several occasions who died in a motor accident some years ago. We were up against a number of other groups – the most impressive of which is a school in Guernsey which has, to a significant degree, incorporated bell ringing into their curriculum. They shared the prize with us.

This was a truly international affair. As prize winners, we shared the platform with the couple from the West Coast of the USA who invented the remarkable Ringing Room software that we are all using during this lockdown. There was another lady from Australia who has developed a community that uses Ringing Room to ring with others, regardless of where they are. The St Martin’s Guild from Birmingham won the award for inspiring leadership and the Learning the Ropes Achievement Award was won by a 9 year-old, Donny Brock from Roos in East Yorkshire. There were several others!

The cash prizes aren’t enormous (our £400 was the second highest of the night). I think I value the certificate just as highly! We will have to decide on a fitting use for this prize that will benefit present and future MiniRingers.

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