Searching for a new vicar

Following Julie’s departure in late June, there has been a deal of activity as we begin our search for the first permanent Vicar of the KCB Parishes.

After a period when the focus of at least some in the parish was diverted to a successful application to become a “Major Church”, we set to the task of producing our official Parish Profile and the less formal Parish Brochure.

The Church Council then met with the Bishop, the Archdeacon, the Patron from Christchurch and the Deanery Lay Chair to discuss the launch of our search.  Among several encouraging things said, there were also helpful criticisms of the  parish brochure.

The brochure in particular was edited and parts rewritten and that has now been sent to those responsible for producing the advertisement.  So now we wait…

The final version of the brochure can be downloaded here.
(The Profile form contains some personal detail and so is not available here)

The whole timetable has been spelled out: the earliest we could expect to be arranging a welcome will be sometime in the New Year – but at least we are on the road!