St Andrew’s

This “KCB” website is but part of the spectrum of our parish on-line presence.  It is but an infant at the moment – but growing fast (as infants do!)

Sadly the well-established Kildwick website at,  run as an independent site, appears to have been taken down.  If it is restored, you will find a wealth of information about St Andrew’s church there.

St Andrew’s church has recently been awarded “Major Church” status.  As a major church, we are learning how to widen our connections with our community and our visitors.  One of those developments is to open the church to visitors – and to provide a range of guides that will help and inform your visit.

We’ve got some of those in place now.  There are guides around church for both adults and children.  There’s information about war graves – and a leaflet about where people have just got it wrong!  There’ll be more to come; read what we’ve got ready here.

Bellringing is a significant part of life at St Andrew’s.  The ringers have their own dedicated site at which is used for day to day information.