Welcoming you to the church

St Andrew’s has been awarded the status of “Major Church”

What this means in real terms is something that we will need to work out over the coming weeks and months but one significant expectation is that the building will be open to visitors. Sorting out all that this entails is taking some time – but in the meantime we are preparing the building so that you are welcomed and informed as you walk round.


We are preparing a set of leaflets for visitors:

The very first one detailed the War Graves in the churchyard.
There are five of these and they are detailed in the guide to our War Graves.

The next one to arrive guides a visitor on a walk around church.
There’s a plan of church and short details of some 17 notable places to visit.
Read the guide here

The main information leaflet packs as much information as possible so it’s a bit full of text.  That called for a younger person’s guide entitled “Explore St Andrew’s“.
With a different presentation (and some extra, different information!), it includes a puzzle to be solved as you walk around.
That can be downloaded here.

While researching the two guides, a number of oddities raised their heads.  Tombs with the wrong dates; grave stones in the wrong places; pew fronts that aren’t really pew fronts are just some.  So it seemed sensible to make another guide, called “I Don’t Believe It!” (with a nod to Victor Meldrew).
Read here about some of the things that are not as they seem.

There will be more!  Eventually, they may get amalgamated into a souvenir guide but, for now, you’ll need to collect the set!

Information boards

There is limited space in a leaflet for all of the rich history of St Andrew’s.  We are slowly gathering a set of information boards that will sit near our more significant artefacts that will interpret them in a little more detail.

Information boards
Want to read what they say? You’ll need to come and visit us! At the moment, it’s best to contact us first to be sure we’re open.