November Magazine

The November magazine is ready for you to read!
You can download it here.

The paper copies will be posted out later today, along with Jill’s letter (that many think is the best bit, anyway!)

We try to keep costs down – and do our bit to avoid wasting resources by publishing almost entirely online.  However, if you want a paper copy, you can always ask for one.  For those who have an Internet connection, though, we would be grateful for a contribution to cover the costs of delivering a physical copy.  That amounts to around £1.50 each month for the 10 copies we do each year.  Contact us here.

This month, we are all red!  Both the cover and the Prayer Page feature the “PoppyFall” that decorated St Andrew’s for the 100th anniversary of the Armistice in 2018.

This month’s “vicartorial” comes from the pen of John Lancaster – and there’s news of a new vicarage, stories from Cononley and, of course, some Editorial Burble!  You know how to limit that… Write something yourself!

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Desperately sad news

We heard today (Monday 25th October) that a body has been found in the Coverhead area, above Kettlewell.  While not yet identified, it is believed to be that of David, husband of Churchwarden Joan McCartney.

The discovery brings to a close a week of desperate hoping, fearing longing and praying.

We join our thanks with those already expressed to the hundreds of people who have spent all week searching this difficult ground.  And we join our prayers to all those that are being offered up to Joan, her family and all who are supporting her.

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What’s Wrong?

… with the photo, I mean.

a hint: What time of year does the sun shine at that angle at 5:20 in the morning or the afternoon?
The answer is, of course, that the clock is stopped. It appears that there’s something amiss with the chiming mechanism and, like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, we can’t stop it from chiming!

We have stopped the clock and called the Cumbria Clock Company who will come and have a look as soon as possible but, sadly, till then there is no clock and no chimes.


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A Modern Miracle!

… so said one of the helpers on Saturday when we set to to clear the leaves from the car park.

We expected to have a bit of a blow with our leaf blower and to add to our collection of builders’ bags.

Instead the Tremendous Ten gathered and with leaf blowers (I think I counted four or five), spades, forks, an ATV and trailer as well as some unidentifiable tools swept the premises clear of leaves, bagged them and removed them.  Spades scraped the car park clear of accumulated soil, re-creating two lost parking spaces – and by lunchtime the place looked near-immaculate!

Many thanks to Theresa, who provided the refreshments (and Coffee and Crumbs who made them!) and to Paul, Chris, Louise, Ellie, Jill, Sam, Alice, John and Dave.

Of course, we’ve still got a lot of leaves on the trees…  See you next Saturday?

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Found! One lost vicarage

Months – years – of searching have, we hope, come to a very satisfactory ending with the discovery of what we think will be a very satisfactory new vicarage for the parish of Kildwick, Cononley and Bradley.

Situated in Cross Hills, with the largest population in the parish, it has space to create the essential “office” element of a vicarage without being so large as to be impossible to heat.  The Diocesan property people have made an offer for the house which has been accepted and so we now hope and pray that the well-known traumas of house purchase will proceed as smoothly as possible.

The details of the new post of “Vicar of Kildwick, Cononley and Badley” are now published on the Church of England’s “Pathways” website and we expect them to appear in this week’s Church Times.  Applicants have until 21st November to put their paperwork in.

We wait with bated breath…

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Harvest at St Andrew’s

Harvest 2021

A cornucopia of Harvest gifts.

Well done, Kildwick CE Primary School!

The school held their Harvest Collective Worship in church on Friday – in front of a packed church.  It was SO nice to see the place full again!

They brought non-perishable gifs of food that were stacked on, under and around the altar table.  They were still on display for the Sunday service and are now packed into the car  all ready to be delivered to Skipton Food Bank.
Thank you for carrying all that, Year 6!

This was a truly magnificent display that will travel on to give joy to families in need.

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Still working…

… at the Great Opening

As we continue to make the church buildings ready to welcome our visitors, we’re clearing away (maybe literally) tons of rubbish that has accumulated over the years.

Old Fair “Roll-a-Penny” boards, decrepit coconut shy stands, broken chairs and old doors all found their way into a skip over the weekend.

Skip loadingOne or two of the expected band weren’t able to come and help so the “extras”  who turned up were doubly valued:

  • Thank you, Richard. Without you we’d never even have started.
  • Thank you, June. You arrived at the nick of time and revived our ageing enthusiasm.
  • Thank you, Sue and your team. Mid-session coffee (and excellent flapjack!) were more than welcome. They were essential.
  • And thank you to all the rest. Including the gormless-looking one in the skip.
    (I am assured that they managed to retrieve him before the waggon came.
    The question in several minds remains… Why?)
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Magazine October 2021

The Pinnacle October 2021The October magazine is ready…

In an autumnal edition, we have memories of bonfires and conkers alongside expeditions both local and far afield.  In an attempt to provide something for everybody, there’s even a Dreadful Joke.

Read it here:  The Pinnacle October 2021.

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The hunt is on…

The Church Council met with the Bishop, the Archdeacon, the Patron from Christchurch and the Deanery Lay Chair on Thursday to discuss the launch of our search for a new priest.  Among several encouraging things said, there were also helpful criticisms of the  parish brochure (copies are in the churches – look there to see the current version).

The timetable was spelled out: the earliest we could expect to be arranging a welcome will be sometime in the New Year – but at least we are on the road!

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Tea and Toast Tuesday

We were so blessed to have the most beautiful sunny, warm day to host our first Tea and Toast morning on September 7th.

People were able to sit outside or inside and enjoy the company, not just with people of St John’s but other neighbours too. There certainly was a lot of chatting and laughter which is so good to return to, after so many months of staying separate. Thank you to everyone who came along and made this event such a success.

The next Tea and Toast (and crumpets!) …

is on Tuesday October 5th from 10 – 11:30am.

Volunteers to help run the event are most welcome: the more volunteers, the more times can be hosted! If you would like to volunteer, please contact Janet.

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